Digital Light: Joel Zika’s Neo-Baroque Aesthetics


Darren Tofts has written a chapter for this amazing publication about my work:

Chapter 10 ‘View in Half or Varying Light: Joel Zika’s Neo-Baroque Aesthetics’

Its an amazing book with writing from leaders in the field.   Chapter 1 is by Alvin Ray Smith, co founder of Pixar!

It’s edited by Sean Cubitt, Daniel Palmer and Nathaniel Tkacz

One comment

  1. Merete Crofts

    Hi Joel,

    Congratulations! This is a well-deserved recognition. Thanks for forwarding the link.

    I have been fascinated with night images for a while. Well since I saw a two paintings in Denmark, one daytime and one at night of the same image. The mood was striking. The paintings were of the buildings of an observatory (Uraniborg) on an island off the coast. (Tycho Brahe was granted this island to continue the works of Galileo.)Many people walk past this painting without seeing a thing. Anyway, I would like to take my photography into the dark J

    Would you have that link to Friday’s recordings please?

    Cheers and thanks


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