Centre for Projection Art

Tools for Live video and other resources

Setting up your Unity scene

In this video I show you what unity looks like, how to make an object, move it around to emulate perspective and how to apply a video and a texture to an object. You could use this to make an interactive work with your videos or to create an illusionistic projection in a live or performative situation.

Making a moving pattern

So that we had something to work with I really quickly took a pattern, bunged it into after effects and made it scroll. You could do this effect with any content to create a basic moving image.

augmented sculpture from pablo valbuena on Vimeo.

Granular Synthesis 1995

Using Mad Mapper to Projection Map on the fly

Frederich Van Schoor Projection mapping

Spider Projection / Araneola from Friedrich van Schoor on Vimeo.

VYV Miley Cyrus BANGERZ Tour 2014 from VYV on Vimeo.

VDMX to Madmapper

In this tutorial I fed different channels from VDMX to different mapped shapes in madmapper. This allows you to trigger and adjust heaps of little clips on different one projection.


Character Design, projection mapping and sculpture

Syphoning content from VDMX to Unity and then Madmapper

In this tutorial I show how you can funnel the game screen from unity to madmapper, this is really useful because its hard to visualise and work out the perspective from the camera in unity in relationship to the surface you’re projecting onto.